HOTSPIN® Heated Laboratory Centrifuge

The HOTSPIN® is designed to perform accurate separation tests. The main use is to determine the water and sediment content in oils and fats, where increased temperature is necessary in order to lower the oil/fat viscosity so that proper separation can be achieved.

Typical users are:

  • Separation equipment manufacturers
  • Test laboratories
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Mineral oil and gas production plants
  • Grease manufacturers
  • Vegetable oil plants
  • Animal fats plants
  • Waste oil collectors and treatment companies
The HOTSPIN® is also used to simulate the conditions in a full size separation system using centrifugal separators.

The Control unit is separated from the centrifuge with a 2 m long cable, thus if required, the centrifuge can be placed in a ventilated cabinet with the control unit outside. The Centrifuge chamber is sealed off with rubber seal rings. The motor chamber is ventilated in order to cool and to ventilate out any volatile gases.

The HOTSPIN® is designed to operate at up to 3000 rpm. with the HOTSPIN® glass tubes at a temperature of up to +100 °C / +212 °F. The HOTSPIN® works in accordance with ASTM D 1796 or API methods modified to use 10 ml glass tubes.

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