HOTSPIN® Operating kit

One basic operating kit containing all necessary items to perform HOTSPIN tests including:

  • 42 glass tubes. Type 1: twelve pcs. types, 2 -7: five pcs. each.
  • One set, tube cleaning equipment
  • One set, sample measuring and dosing devices
  • One set, gear for personal protection
  • One set, special tools and spare parts for the system
The proper use of the Operating kit will facilitate the work with the HOTSPIN® centrifuge. Here is a short description of the main items and their use. A detailed list of all contents can be found at the bottom of this page, or here.

Centrifuge Tubes

The tubes are differently graduated and serve different purposes. Please refer to the detailed picture of the tubes that can be found to the right or here when reading.

Type 1

For coarse reading, when product is of unknown composition and high sediment contents can be expected.

Type 2, 3, 4 and 5

Are used for accurate reading of sediment contents

Type 6

Is used for accurate reading of a lighter liquid (oil) in a heavier liquid (water) up to a content of 2%.

Type 7

Is used for sample collection, i.e. a selected phase can be sucked out of the tubes after centrifugation and analysed further by other methods.


Is used for sample collection, dillution of sample, mixing of chemicals into sample (surfactants) and also for preheating samples, when the sample is too viscous to be poured into tubes.


For accurate checking of sample temperature.

pH-indicator strips

To check pH on water phase for corrosion risk on equipment. Emulsion splitting performance.


Adding of chemicals into samples to improve separation. Sucking up content from selected phases from centrifuge tubes.

Syringe needles

For filling up centrifuge tube type 6 and for flushing out sediments of tubes 1 to 6.

Glass plates

Used for erosion test on samples.

Crucible tong

For the handling of hot centrifuge tubes.

Cleaning nozzles

For cleaning centrifuge tubes where brushes cannot reach, should be mounted to a water tap.

Personal safety equipment

Goggles, ear plugs and rubber gloves to be used in accordance with local regulations and for your own safety when operating the HOTSPIN® with hot, or harmful substances or when in a noisy surrounding.

Other useful information

Detailed list of operating kit contents

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