Separation theory & testing

Separation Theory & Testing

Thousands of g brochure

A very pedagogic brochure about separation created by
Alfa Laval.

Sample testing

The operators manual delivered with the machine, provides theories and necessary information how to perform separation tests with the HOTSPIN centrifuge. It includes a detailed test tube centrifuging procedure and a description of factors influencing the results. Useful tables and examples of test tube centrifugation data sheets are also included.

The HOTSPIN laboratory centrifuge

system has been built and supplied since 1991 to demanding customers all over the World

Among others: Alfa Laval, Triplenine, Head engineering, Syncrude, Exxon, Union carbide, MI Swaco, Gulf Chemical & Industrial oil, Novosymes, Wirsam Petrosa, Wärtsilä, Infineum etc.

Well over 100 units have been supplied.